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AU-90 Pellet Feed Auger Assembly

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The purchaser indemnifies Bad Apple Automation, LLC of any and all liability in the use and installation of the AU-90. The purchaser has sole responsibility for the use and installation of the AU-90. This product is for experimental purposes only.


The primary goal of the AU-90 is to feed pellet fuel in pellet burning devices. A small electric motor drives the feed auger. Two flange mounts allow mounting to the burning device and a feed hopper. Note: The Auger should not be used as a support for the hopper, the hopper support must be capable of supporting the auger assembly.

The AU-90 is only one component in a pellet fuel burning system. The AU-90 should be paired with the CT-1000 (Sold Separately) to control the flame and heat output of your pellet burning device. You may want to add a main power switch, a high limit switch, door open switch, etc. The complexity of your feed system is your choice.


The motor and auger are fully assembled as a unit. The electric motor has two wire leads to connect to a power source or the CT-1000 control ( Sold Separately). The wires should be terminated in an enclosure (not supplied). The Hopper and Auger Assembly should be grounded for safety based on your application. All electrical connections should be in accordance with your application, knowledge of electrical connections is required. The purchaser takes sole responsibility for proper electrical connections and installation.

The Mounting flange of the AU-90 fits the optional chute CH-90-14 ( Sold Separately) to deliver the fuel charge. Use the bolt pattern to match the AU-90 and CH-90 to your burn chamber, mounting the AU-90 to the outside of the burn chamber and the CH-90-14 mounted to the inside of the burn chamber.

AU-90 Mounting Flange

Your Feed Hopper supplies the fuel to the Au-90 Feed Auger. The AU-90 Feed Auger supplies fuel to the burn chamber. The hopper mounting flange has a feed opening of 1-3/4 inches by 2-7/8 inches. Use the hopper mounting flange bolt patter and opening to match to your hopper.

AU-90 hopper Flange

The AU-90 has moving parts. Proper guarding and caution must be used. The purchaser takes all responsibility for installation, guarding of moving parts, electrical conections, and use of the AU-90 feed auger assembly.

AU-90 Assembly


120 volt AC, 60 hertz, 150 in-ounces torque, 40 watt, Continuous Duty motor
Output: 14.3 lbs/hr, approimately 115,000 Btu's/hour
Over All Length: 18 inches

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