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The purchaser indemnifies Bad Apple Automation, LLC of any and all liability in the use and installation. The purchaser has sole responsibility for the use and installation. This product is for experimental purposes only.


It comes unpainted, as you will weld it in place and paint it to your desired color.

This a complete door assembly. You simply place it where you need an ash or access door, cut a hole, and weld it in place.
Fab-A-Door Open
The Door Assembly is complete. It includes the door, the hinge, the latch, the gasket seal, and the frame. A complete functional door!

The door handle may get hot in your application. It comes with a 1/2" diameter steel handle. You may want to accessorize the handle to reduce the tempurature. We do not supply it, but a wooden handle or spring handle does look nice if your application allows.

Some assembly is required. The Door Latch comes unassembled for shipping purposes. The Latch mounts to the door using a 5/16 bolt and nut (supplied).

The Latch Pin has been adjusted at the factory. However, The Latch can be adjusted by bending the Latch Pin. Only bend the pin for minor adjustment. Replace the gasket seal versus adjusting the Latch Pin with product GA-625 found on the Purchase order form.

Excessive bending will break the Latch Pin, replace the gasket as needed.

The door opening measures approximately 4-1/2" x 3-1/4". The outside frame measures approximately 6-1/4" x 5". Sizes will vary slightly due to manufacturing variation.


Locate where you want to mount the door assembly. Mark the outside of the frame for its location and size. Cut an opening. Tack weld in place. Remove the Gasket. Final weld the door in place. Replace the Gasket after the weld is cool.

We suggest being very careful in cutting the opening, a good fit makes the welding easier and prettier. Remember, it is easer to make a hole bigger.

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