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CT-1000 Universal Cycle Timer Pellet Feed Control

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The purchaser indemnifies Bad Apple Automation, LLC of any and all liability in the use and installation of the CT-1000. The purchaser has sole responsibility for the use and installation of the CT-1000. This product is for experimental purposes only.


The primary goal of the CT-1000 is to control the fuel feed rate of pellet burning devices. The control allows for independent variations in "On Time" and "Off Time" of the feed auger system. It allows you to Throttle the feed system to match optimal burn conditions.

The CT-1000 is only one component in a pellet fuel burning system. You may want to add a main power switch, a high limit switch, auger override switch, etc. The complexity of your control system is your choice, but it starts with the CT-1000.

Most controls on the market today control the feed auger with a simple "Hi, "Medium", "Low" setting. They fix, or lock, the "On" time and "Off" time, you have no control. The CT-1000 allows you the opportunity to fine tune your fuel burning system without being constrained to some fixed value set at the factory. You can now optimize your burn conditions.

While wood pellets yield approximately 8,000 BTU/Pound. Variations exist, requiring adjustment to pellet burning devices for variations in fuel grade, as well as fuel type. The CT-1000 allows fine adjustment to meet your needs.

There are times where you may want to burn inefficiently, as with a meat type smoker. The CT-1000 allows you to have a short "On Time" and long "Off Time". You can control the burn to optimize the smoke and control temperature.

The CT-1000 requires simple electrical connections, AC power In. AC Power to the motor, and a ground. Knowledge of electricity is required for installation.

The product can be used as an after market upgrade to your existing pellet burning devices, or allows you the freedom to experiment and build your own pellet burning device.


The CT-1000 must be mounted in an enclosure, not supplied. It is an open design and care must be taken to protect the exposed components during installation and operation.

The CT-1000 can be mounted as a panel mount or in a standard double gang outdoor electrical box (not supplied). Check the mounting hole locatins below to ensure your enclousre fits the CT-1000.

Please note: The CT-1000 is not weather tight, the use of an outdoor electrical box is for looks only, as the outside of the box is clean and smooth.
The CT-1000 is for indoor use only!
If used in a smoker, or other out door device, the CT-1000 needs to be mounted to protect it from weather and wet conditions, an additional enclosure specific to the application is needed.

CT1000 Panel Mounting Holes

Selecting the "On Time" range:

Always make sure the power is disconnected before making any adjustments!

The "Off Time" range is fully adjustable with the red knob from 15 to 60 seconds. However, you have a choice with the "On Time' range, you can select 0-15 seconds, 0-30 seconds, and 0-60 seconds. In general, the 0-15 second " On Time" range is for a smoker requiring short "On Time" and long "Off Time."

CT1000 Back of PCB CT1000 On TIme Jumper A jumper on the back of the PCB allows you chose which "On-Time" range you wish to select.

Select the range that gives you the best adjustment. If you find you are always in the lower part of a range, you may want to select the next lower range to give you a wider selection adjustment.

An example; you are on the 0-60 "On Time" range and you always operate in the first three segments of that time range. By changing to a 0-30 second range will give you twice as much range, or 6 segments to fine tune your flame.

Also keep in mind that not all motors are rated continuous duty. As an example, if you are in the 0-15 seconds "On Time" range, you have the potential to be have at 50 percent duty cycle, maximum 15 seconds on, minimum 15 seconds off.

If used with the AU90 Auger/Feed Assembly (Sold Separately) eliminates the concern of duty cycle. The AU90 (Sold Separately) will deliver 115,000 Btu/hour coninutous duty, the use of the CT-1000 allows you to limit, or throttle the auger feed system to conform to your applications or physical constraints of your pellet burning system..

The CT-1000 requires simple electrical connections. The unit comes supplied with fully insulated solderless female spade terminals to mount to your wiring. The solderless terminals need to be attached to the incoming power cord and the motor power cord. As with all electrical connections, use quality tools (not supplied) to make the solderless connections.

CT1000 High Level Electrical

The CT-1000 has a resettable 3.7 amp fuse. The fuse is reset by turning the power off to the CT-1000.

CT1000 Back of PCB

The CT-1000 is only one component in a pellet fuel burning system. You may want to add a main power switch, a high limit switch, door open switch, etc. The complexity of your control system is your choice.


After you have selected the "On Time" range, connected the power cords, and mounted the CT-1000, you are now ready for operation.

With the CT-1000 you always know what state (On or Off) the auger motor is in. A Green LED correcsponds to the Green knob and indicates the "On Time" portion of the cycle is activated. A Red LED corresponds to the Red knob and indicates the "off Time" of the cycle.

If the unit is not powered, no LED will be lit.

Increase the 'On Time" (green knob) by turning it clockwise to increase the fuel charge. Increase the "off Time" (red knob) by turning it clockwise to allow the fuel toburn properly before the next charge of fuel is introduced.

All systems have limitations based on the all the factors in the design of your pellet burning device, burning pot, air system, heat exchanger, etc.. You will find a maximum BTU, or heat output your pellet burning device is capable of producing. Ideally you want a consistent clean burning flame.

If the burn pot is filling up with pellets, start by increasing the "Off Time" to allow the pellets to burn completely and minimize the clinker. Adjust your "On Time" if the flame starts to go out. There is a test period to fine tune the flame to your desired output. After the initial test period you get a feel for the adjustments as your fuel source varies and your desired heat output.

Product Description:

Power 120 volt AC, 60 hertz, 3.7 amps
"On time" ranges; 0-15 seconds, 0-30 seconds, 0-60 seconds. PCB selectable
"Off Time" range: 15-60 seconds.

Tools required:

5/64 Hex (Allen) wrench (install the knobs)
#2 Phillips (mount the CT-1000 and cover)
Crimping tool for solder less terminals
Wire Cutters
Wire Strippers
Other tools may be required based on your installation

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